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Discover why people are powering their day with Bulletproof Coffee. Blend quality coffee, Brain Octane® Oil, and grass-fed butter to create a delicious beverage that gives your mind and body a long-lasting boost of energy.


Single-Origin, 100% Arabica Coffee

Carefully sourced for premium quality and taste

Brain Octane® Oil

Derived from 100% pure coconut oil to increase fat-burning and improve brain function

Grass-fed Butter

Delicious in flavor, high in butyrate, this fatty acid aids in digestion which helps push the calcium to your bones—not your arteries

What To Know About Bulletproof Coffee

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Power Your Brain
Clean, single-origin coffee and Brain Octane® oil help promote clear, focused thinking without any jittery side effects.


Fuel Your Day
This simple recipe provides long-lasting energy-minus the crash.


Kick Your Cravings
Smart fats, like grass-fed butter, ghee, and Brain Octane® oil, help you feel full longer, while also keeping cravings at bay.
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Brain Octane® oil is distilled from the most potent part of the coconut, resulting in an all-natural fuel that turns energy into action more efficiently that other MCT oils. Easily converted to brain-boosting, fat-burning, ketone energy, it helps to stabilize blood sugar while enhancing your body’s ability to burn fat. The result is sustained energy that won’t make you crash.

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Healthy fats are a key component of a well-balance diet. Smart fats, such as Brain Octane oil and grass-fed butter, help nourish your body and keep your mind sharp. They can trigger ketosis, a state in which your body switches to burning fat, instead of sugar for energy. People who achieve ketosis often experience a suppressed appetite, leading to craving-control, weight loss, sustained energy, reduced systemic inflammation and increased mental clarity.

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Bulletproof coffee beans are grown at high elevation, handpicked, cleaned, and rigorously screened for toxins before making their way into your mug. When you make a cup of Bulletproof coffee, you’re getting a high-quality pour every time.

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Easy to make. Easy to love.
Jump start your day with a delicious homemade Bulletproof coffee.


Step 1:
Brew 2 1/2 tablespoons of fresh Bulletproof ground coffee.


Step 2:
Add 1-2 tablespoons of grass-fed unsalted butter and 1 serving of Brain Octane® oil.


Step 3:
Blend until frothy and enjoy.

2 Ways To Get Started


Bulletproof Coffee & Ghee Kit

kit includes:
Bulletproof Coffee – 12oz
Brain Octane® Oil – 16oz
Grass-fed Ghee – 13.5oz




Bulletproof Coffee Cold Brew Sampler Pack

four-pack includes:
Original + Collagen



We All Have a Bulletproof Story

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I had problems with drinking plain coffee, getting a wave and then going low again. This makes me go all day! I swear, all day. Even my husband, who was very skeptical about it, started to drink it and felt the huge difference compare to energy drinks, plain coffee, or even espresso that gives you wave, keeps you there like 2 hours and then goes away. Not this one 🙂 I love bulletproof, I love it and I can’t imagine my mornings without it.
– Kristina

I’ve been blending coconut oil into my coffee for years. After hearing Dave speak at Paleo f(x) I decided I had to buy a small bottle of Brain Octane to take home with me. All I can say is holy hell…this stuff works! I’m a healthy, fit 50 year old woman. Brain Octane gives me a noticeable boost in energy and focus that lasts throughout the day. I’ve only been taking two teaspoons a day, but plan to gradually increase to see how amazing I can feel. I’ll be posting a full review on my happy, healthy and hot website soon, but wanted to chime in here as well. Totally love this stuff!
– Elizabeth R.

I’m impressed by Brain Octane. I’d been drinking butter coffee with MCT oil for a few months. I started with a generic MCT oil made entirely from coconuts. Then I tried it with a more premium brand MCT oil. When that bottle ran out, I moved up to Brain Octane. Wow, this makes a real difference. I usually wake up about 7 am, have a Bulletproof Coffee with Brain Octane, Kerrygold butter, and now some collagen protein. I have to remind myself to eat lunch between 1:30 and 2:30 in the afternoon now. It really makes a difference. I would get hungry much sooner with the cheaper MCT oil and even the premium MCT oil.
– Phil

I have always been slow in the uptake in the mornings, but it’s gotten much worse as I’ve gotten older. Brain Octane Oil in my morning Bulletproof coffee does amazing things to my mood, energy level and cognition. I tried this with a “what do I have to lose attitude” and it’s been a life changer. I will always make Bulletproof coffee the way I begin my day!
– Lisa D.

I’ve shed over 30 lbs in about 3 months, following a basic Paleo plan and using Brain Octane in my Bulletproof Coffee each morning. I’m thrilled to be able to keep my coffee AND lose weight effortlessly and comfortably and the added brain power is most appreciated!!!
– Karen

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