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Can You Overdo LED Light Therapy Treatments?

When it comes to skin care, the less is more approach seems to be a common theme, however, there is one skin care treatment that responds incredibly well to multiple daily treatments. Enter: the Opera® LED Light Therapy Mask. While you might be inclined to believe that multiple daily LED light therapy treatments (or photobiomodulation as it is more appropriately referred to) might be counter productive, in the same way that sensible sun exposure, ie 10-15 minutes per day is not only beneficial but an important component of optimal health (stimulating Vitamin D production and sulfating cholersterol), while excessive exposure can be harmful and contribute to skin cancer. The fact is, using light therapy more than once a day is likely to bring you faster results.

Washing your face six times a day is a terrible idea and we do not recommend anyone doing that. But if you were to wash your face that often, you’d be stripping your skin of natural oils, drying out faster, and… *gasp* creating more reasons for your skin to breakout.

The frequencies of light emitted by the Opera® LED Light Therapy Mask are highly therapeutic, utilizing both visible red (mid-600nm) and near infrared (mid-800) light energy to stimulate cells to generate more energy and undergo self-repair. Frequency is one component that impacts the rate of cellular repair, the other is the amount of energy delivered., or Joules. Thus if you have the time and are willing to make the commitment, utilizing the Opera Mask twice per day for 10-20 minutes will not harm your skin, but rather will further stimulate the epidermis to generate cellular repair and increased blood flow circulation helping your skin to more rapidly achieve a more vibrant, youthful, and even complexion.

If you’re interested in using Opera® LED Light Therapy Mask more than once a day, keep these tips in mind:

All skin types are different

We encourage everyone to start low and go slow. Start with a single 5 minute treatment without the addition of any skincare products or other treatments. If there is no reaction for 24 hours, we recommend adjusting the single treatment time to 10 minutes, then to 15 and finally to 20 before adding a second daily treatment. This serves to accommodate your skin type and to allow your cells to best respond to the treatments.

If no reaction occurs, you’re free to use the devices as often as your skin (and schedule) allows.

Can be used multiple times daily with severe acne

With severe acne, the ability to use the Blue LED Light Therapy Treatment can range from back to back or morning and evening routines. The purpose of using the Blue LED lights is to control the bacteria responsible for many forms of acne. If there is no irritation resulting in redness or rashes, acne sufferers can use the device multiple times throughout the day. That said, the Blue Light can also kill off some of the beneficial bacteria and users should pay close attention to their skin and how it responds to the treatments and consider restoring these beneficial bacteria and balancing their skin’s delicate microbiome with a product like MotherDirt Moisturizer.

Maintenance and consistency are key

Getting off track and missing treatments isn’t a big deal as LED lights are gentle and can be resumed at any time. When your schedule allows, you may resume your treatments at the duration and frequency last used. Maintenance and consistency are key when correcting acne, reducing wrinkles, and balancing pigmentation.

Take progress photos

By taking a photo of the treated area the day you start using Opera® LED Light Therapy, to the last day, you will be able to see just how effective the treatments are and how much your skin is improving. Light Therapy works from the inside out, is noninvasive, and is a gradual process.

It takes years to develop acne scarring, wrinkles and pigmentation and while you shouldn’t expect to see a complete turn around over night, results will come in the weeks and months ahead. Our device is designed to help you improve these imperfections in weeks however, if you wish to accelerate skin rejuvenation we recommend apply a green tea extract to the face prior to treatment. Based on the interplay of the physicochemical and biological effects of light with the reactive oxygen species scavenging capacity of green tea extends the action spectrum of phototherapy. Results realized in 10 months of light treatment alone can be achieved in 1 month¹.

You are also encouraged to combine the therapy with a skin care regime which includes skin care products formulated to deal with your specific skin type / concern. We recommend Environ Skin Care Products, this globally recognized and loved professional skin care brand is built on science, beauty and care. The brand is a firm favorite among those in the know and acclaimed by top international skin care therapists, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, beauty editors, top film stars and super models alike. You can utilize the Custom Skin Profile Test to determine which products are a match for you and your skin type, or Schedule A Free Online Consultation.

What are you waiting for? Get your LED light therapy device and turn back the clock. Click here if you’re interested in learning How Red Light Therapy Actually Works?

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