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GuyBrows… Microblading for Men

People ask us all the time if guys get microblading and the answer is yes! Microblading is a relatively new trend, even for women so there’s a lot of curiosity around microblading eyebrows in general for both men and women. Men, just like women, lose definition in their brows over time, and just like women, the tail of the eyebrow can become much thinner. As a result, we created a custom microblading service for men we call, GuyBrows.

Our approach with men is in many ways similar: create definition, add symmetry, fill in gaps, especially in the tail where there’s commonly less hair. But men will often have a different mapping than we use for women because the shape is totally different. When it comes to creating hairstrokes for a man while there can be a difference (and it always depends on who that man is, which is defined during the consultation), for men the strokes are typically slightly less curved. But our microblading artist will study the pattern of your brow hair growth. Then, they will follow that pattern as they create new lines. These lines will fill in the areas that your brows are patchy or do not grow hair at all.

For most men, the a key goal is to maintain a very masculine look and shape. For the microblading artist, this simply mean deviating from the standard eyebrow mapping. On a women’s eyebrow we might clean it up more and give it more shape. On a man’s eyebrow we clean it up just enough, but not so much that you can tell.

The effects of microblading for men can be very natural and subtle, but still have a profound effect. And while the approach may change for men, the result is the same: defined, full, symmetrical brows.

The microblading consultation is critically important in understanding the client, their goals, and creating brows they’ll love everyday. “Those moments when you’re drawing the shape and getting to know your client are very important”, say Columbus OH Microblading Artist Adrian Jones.

So there you have it! Microblading for men. For guys who want a little fullness in their brow, whether they’re looking for a more defined shape, a bold look, or something that looks very natural and almost invisible to the naked eye: microblading for men is totally a thing and available in Columbus OH through our GuyBrows, Microblading for Men.

If you know any guys curious about microblading, or any of our other Columbus OH men’s grooming and hair restoration services send them to PLEIJ!

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