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Hair Dusting – The Secret To Healthier Longer Hair

Whether it’s the hot tools, cold weather, or your latest dip-dye, split ends are something to tend to. While a standard trim is often the solution, ‘hair dusting’ is a grooming technique that fixes the damage without sacrificing the length.

We’re all familiar with the battle that is wanting to grow your hair, but needing to cut it to encourage growth and get rid of split ends. Split ends are unavoidable and can’t be reversed once acquired. The only solution is snipping them off. Luckily, there’s an expert hair-trimming technique that doesn’t require taking off an inch or two to get healthier hair. It’s called hair dusting and here’s what you need to know.

What is Hair Dusting?

Hair dusting is a cutting technique in which you don’t get rid of any hair length, but ONLY the ends of the hairs that are split or broken. To accomplish this the hair is blow-dried straight, and a stylist snips off any obvious split ends that are sticking out, cutting parallel (or upwards) to the way your hair falls. This allows you can keep your hair healthy throughout, and not just at its ends.

Dusting Vs. Trimming

While trimming takes a bit more length off the hair, it’s the preferred technique when you’re looking to maintain the lines of your cut over time. You should also opt for this kind of cut when you’ve let those dead ends move their way up your hair shaft for far too long. This technique usually involves a stylist pinching the ends of your hair between their fingers, and cutting off the uneven, broken ends. How much comes off depends on how damaged your locks are.

As with Hair Dusting, chopping off these nuisance bits with a Trim will result in a reduction in breakage, and encourage hair to grow healthy and freely.

What Hair Types & Textures Is Dusting Right For?

This technique is generally used when hair is layered due to different stages of hair growth, layers cut into the hair, or hair that has been chemically broken down. Dusting is therefore also used to eliminate the split ends from the layers.

That said, the technique works on all hair types and textures, but a note for those with very wavy or curly hair, it must be straightened before dusting to reveal the damaged ends that need to be removed. And for those wondering, dusting won’t thin out your hair—in fact, in the long run, it does quite the opposite. Once the hair has spilt it continues further up the hair shaft. This means that you will have to cut more length to get the hair back to healthy. By removing split ends regularly, you keep the damage from creeping up your strands and reduce the need for more substantial trims moving forward . That’s incredibly important for those who color treat or style their hair with heat tools regularly.

How Often Should Hair Be Dusted?

As for the frequency of hair dusting? We recommend Dusting or Trimming your hair every 6 to 8 weeks. Hair grows unevenly which makes the longer strands weak and susceptible to split ends. Heat styling tools, chemically treated hair and lack of hair care makes it worse. The good news is that hair grows between 1 to 1.5cm a month, so even if you do trim regularly, you won’t lose length.

Who Offers Hair Dusting in Columbus OH?

Few local stylists are experienced with hair dusting and the reasons are simple, the technique isn’t taught in beauty school and it’s really time consuming. In fact, it’s almost like a second haircut after your strands are shaped and trimmed.

So if you’re considering hair dusting, be sure to verify that your Columbus OH hair stylist knows what they are doing and can do the job properly. It goes without saying, dusting needs to be up to snuff for the outcome to be hair that looks and feels enviably healthy. Dusting should be very minimal as the point is to only get rid of hair that no longer serves you.

Hair dusting is the perfect maintenance ritual for ladies who aren’t leaving the house without perfectly coiffed, colored tresses. You’ll still be needing a proper haircut from time to time for layers, bangs, and overall shaping; but this has you covered in the meantime.

To achieve healthier hair, without sacrificing length, ask your hairstylist for a “dusting” not a trim.

Hair Dusting In Action


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