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Microblading Near Me ~ Selecting The Best Eyebrow Artist

So many women struggle with brows they don’t love. Whether it was that time you over-plucked them back in high school, after a trip to the salon when you realized your stylist waxed them unevenly, or a health condition that’s lead to hair loss, bad brows happen all the time and it can take some time for them to recover. That means spending time (and money!) on pencils, gels and the like to fill in sparse areas and temporarily repair the damage done. Who has time for all of that?

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up in the morning with perfect brows and the confidence that comes with them? Well, you can! Enter microblading. This innovative beauty procedure is the answer to all of your brow woes. With microblading, and more specifically nanoblading, you can transform your thin misshapen eyebrows into the full, vibrant brows you’ve been dreaming of.

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure whereby hair like incision strokes are created along the eyebrow to enhance, reshape, fill (cover gaps of lost hair), to extend the eyebrows, or to fully reconstruct brows with little to no hair. The procedure can entail the use of a nanoblade and/or a super-fine pen (technically, a bundle of 12 to 15 needles in the case of microblading), which is dipped into a solution that is mixed using a natural selection of micropigments that has been matched to the client’s hair color and skin tone and is then glided along a sketched outline of the desired brow pattern that has been designed and scrutinized beforehand. The tip of the nanoblade and super-fine pen are so fine, that they create ‘hair strokes’ that mimic your own brow hairs. Each microblading stroke is applied individually, allowing the artist to control the shape, color, and density of the completed eyebrows. Whilst only penetrating up to 1mm into the skin, the pigment is deposited simultaneously with the creation of the hair like stroke creating a feathered outline which will be filled in further in the same manner and according to the approved brow pattern.

Also known as Embroidery, Microstroking, Feather Touch, Microfeathering and Hair Strokes, Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that provides a means to partially or fully camouflage missing eyebrow hair with the appearance of simulated hair using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments.

Nanoblading is the newest semi-permanent makeup technique that like microblading creates fine, realistic hairlike strokes on the brows. The process implements a handheld tool and one extremely fine needle (as opposed to microblading, which uses a thin blade made of up 12-16 needles which are dragged through the skin) to semi-permanently lay pigment under the skin in tiny dots that add up to strokes, approximating the look of actual eyebrow hairs. Nanoblading typically consists of hairstrokes towards the front of the brows and transitions into shading for an incredibly natural, fuller look.

Similar to microblading, the hair-like strokes are individually created along the eyebrow to enhance, reshape, fill (cover gaps of lost hair), to extend the eyebrows, or to fully reconstruct brows with little to no hair.

However, Nano Brows give more precision and a crisp, extremely defined look. The strokes are thinner and they look more like natural hairs making this technique a superior option to standard Microblading, especially for those with little to no brow hair.

Nanoblading produces a more effective result as the procedure involves less trauma to the skin and not only provides a more natural and crisp result, but also with less risk of the pigment being implanted too deep. Basically, see Nanoblading as Microblading but with more precision and accuracy.

As with Microblading, the dermal pigment is designed to fade over time to allow for future augmentation—though Microbladed Brows fade faster than Nano Brows because the pigment is placed more superficially under the skin.

How To Find The Best Microblading Artist

Good microblading work isn’t cheap, and cheap microblading work isn’t good.

One of the worst things you can do is select a Columbus microblading artist based exclusively on pricing! This is your face we are talking about and they are using a sharp blade and pigment to apply a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo to your skin. Both Microblading and Nanoblading are complex procedures and ones which require extensive training, you want and need an experienced microblading / nanoblading expert.

Countless men and women (yes men lose definition in their brows just like women and microblading for men, or GuyBrows is a real thing) have experienced poor results, or far worse, by going to inexperienced microbladers in the hopes of saving a little money, only to find themselves with a set of brows they aren’t happy with and paying far more to correct a microblading gone bad.

Microblading / Nanoblading Near Me is often where people begin in their search for a microblading artist, and the perfect brows. Whether your local area is full of technicians and you’re having trouble picking the right artist, or there’s no one showing up online, it’s important you know how to find the right microblading / nanoblading artist. Here are five things to look for in your microblading artist and how to tell who is the best for you!

1. Certifications

Licensed/Certified – In most states microblading artists are required to have a body art / tattoo license to perform eyebrow microblading, and related semi-permanent and permanent cosmetic makeup procedures. Ohio is one such state and artists must be licensed through the Ohio Health Department. If a microblading artist doesn’t have this and it is a requirement in their state, this means they aren’t operating legally and it is questionable what if any formal training they have, if any past work they’ve presented is actually their own, and what practices are happening behind the scenes to protect patrons and provide a safe and healthy environment. It starts from proper set up, to proper practices during the procedure, to clean up, disposal, and storage.

Along with a state license, specific microblading training is also critically important. This is a very different type of procedure that has a lot of specific details that are important in order to proceed correctly so having training from an expert is a must! A certificate is always given so you should see proof of this to ensure you are in good hands.

2. Book a Consultation First

If an artist is in a rush to schedule the actual service prior to scheduling an initial consultation keep looking. The first thing a licensed microblading artist should do is schedule a time for you to come in for a microblading consultation. During this consultation the artist will assess your skin and brows to make sure you are a good candidate for microblading and which method (Microblading or Microblading + Ombré Powder Brows or Nanoblading), work with you to define the shape and density of your completed brows, help select a custom mix of micropigments to complement your hair color and skin tone, as well as answer any questions you have so that you know exactly what to expect. They will also provide the pre-procedure instructions to ensure that your skin is properly prepared and you experience the best outcome possible and love your new microbladed brows.

3. Reviews

Good reviews – Today online reviews are the biggest source of social proof and the new word of mouth advertising. Hearing previous clients – even total strangers – speak out about their experience (and that which you are about to go through) can be extremely helpful. This is especially true when it comes to services such as microblading and those which we may not personally know someone who has had performed, or simply prefers to keep private and not to discuss openly with us. Review sites give us a forum to be frank and share our experience – good or bad – to promote those businesses who have met or exceeded our expectations, and to warn against those businesses who have disappointed or failed us.

Although this may seem like common sense it is often forgotten. Online reviews and the social proof they provide helps to give us peace of mind as consumers, establishing trust and credibility, while reducing the risk then how is one supposed to know if an artist is trustworthy and does a good job? We learn this by client reviews! Check out our reviews here.

4. Knowledgable

Can they effectively answer all your microblading questions? I you have specific questions about microblading and are trying to learn more about the procedure and to qualify prospective artist, questions are an excellent way to do so. Prospective artists should not only be able to answer your questions in thorough detail, but also have a genuine interest in educating you as this serves to ensure the best possible outcome and results you absolutely love! If they hesitate or fail to effectively address your questions, this typically means they may not be as experienced. It doesn’t matter how detailed your question is, if you have a question do not be afraid to ask. Again this is a semi-permanent procedure, with lasting results and thus you want to make sure you know what you’re getting into and to ensure not only the quality of your brows, but also your health and safety.

5. Quality Of Work

Before and after pics – With brow microblading in addition to considering the quality of the artist’s work, you also want to make sure you like their style. Every artist is different and microblading is a single style, in addition you have Nanoblading, Powder Brows (Microshading), Ombré Brows, and Microfeathering. At PLEIJ Salon, one thing we seek to ensure is that your brows look as natural as possible. This means when you look at the after results you can’t tell what’s the client’s actual hair and what is microbladed. We want it to all blend together. We follow specific techniques and award winning processes to create each stroke, making it look like it’s real hair.

If you look at the after result and you can see where the strokes look unnatural and more like just a bunch of lines then you most likely don’t want to choose this artist. Secondly, see if they follow a pattern that looks natural. If the strokes go against natural brow hair growth this is a big no no and won’t look natural. Your eyes will do the telling!

6. Technique That Lasts

Healed results – When doing your research you may not think to ask to see healed results. You’re probably wondering why is this important and/or what does healed results mean? Well, let me explain. Once your initial microblading procedure has been performed there is an initial 7-14 day healing process during which you will have to follow certain microblading aftercare instructions to aid in the healing process and improve your skin’s ability to retain the pigments. Your body is trying to repair the skin and within this time period before you come back for your 6-8 week touch up where your brows will have faded about 30-40%.

If the artist uses proper technique and places the pigment correctly, provides the appropriate aftercare instructions (and they are followed properly), then the pigments should stay. When we see you back for your Microblading Touch-Up (Perfecting) Session this is your healed result. If strokes have stayed, are well placed, and effectively filled, this is a sign of a good microblading artist. After your 6-8 week Touch-Up your brows will heal again and should stay for 1-2 years depending on skin type and lifestyle. These healed results are those you want to see from previous clients to ensure you have an artist who knows what they’re doing and is capable of producing the look you are hoping to achieve.

Your eyebrows are a big deal as they are one of the first things people see and impact you daily — you should get the look you desire when you are spending your hard-earned money on it,

At PLEIJ Salon, we have the best healed results and have plenty of happy clients to prove it! Let us prove we are the best by reviewing our past work before scheduling a microblading consultation using the link below.

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