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The Only Complete Water Filtration System


The Unwise Water Options…

  • Tap Water: Not recommended for drinking. Acidic and chemically treated. Lifeless water that contains many contaminants.

  • Bottled Water: Quality is unregulated. Recent studies found over 24,500 chemicals in plastic water bottles. Plastic bottles are very harmful to the environment.

  • Water Ionizers: Remove acids including beneficial silicic acid to produce “acid free” tap water.

  • Reverse Osmosis: Removes most contaminants, except acids (which are liquids and gases) including acid rain, industrial waste, and chemical by-products.

  • Carbon Block Filters: Insufficient as a stand-alone filter. Produces acidic water that is loaded with contaminants.

The Only System That Does It All


Acids, which are liquids and gases, pass-through Reverse Osmosis Membranes ending up in the product water you drink. Ionizers remove acids by disrupting the water with electrolysis which also removes the beneficial silicic acid. PristineHydro removes harmful acids while allowing silicic acid to pass through. This sets a new standard for alkaline water.


There should be no acceptable limit for harmful contaminants in the water you drink. By utilizing the best available technologies, including a 10 Stage Filtration Process which utilizes High Efficiency Reverse Osmosis and their Proprietary Dual Deionization process we are able to achieve 100% elimination of undesirable contaminants. Lab Verified!


Pure water doesn’t really exist in nature. Our drinking water should contain beneficial ions known as electrolyte salts (bicarbonates) chloride, and silicic acid. This gives our water its clean refreshing taste and light body.

The Way Water Was Intended…

Under-Counter | In Home

PristineHydro’s Under-Counter Water Revival System will provide you with the best quality water on-demand for you and your family, right from the comfort of your own home.


Electrolyte Balance™

Optimize your water with Nature’s Electrolytes: Bicarbonate Salts, while delivering the added benefits of Silica.


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