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Why Ditching Caffeine May Be the Secrete to Your Most Beautiful Wedding Day Skin

There are many things you can do to ensure you feel and look your best on your wedding day however, some are easier said than done. Depending on how much you love and look forward to your morning cup of coffee, the idea of giving up caffeine could be the most frightening pre-wedding task on your to-do list. And while you definitely don’t have to ditch caffeinated beverages to reap beauty benefits, there are a number of ways your complexion (and overall well-being) may improve as a result of going java- (and soda, iced tea, you name it!) free in the months leading up to your big day.

No Caffeine Often Means Better Sleep

Human cells regenerate and heal while we sleep, which means it really is possible to sleep your way to better skin. The problem is that caffeine is a major sleep disruptor, and when you’re already having a hard enough time logging quality shut eye due to wedding-related stress, anything that further compounds the problem is worth taking a hard look at. Cutting out (or at the very least reducing) caffeine is one simple way to get a better night’s sleep.

Caffeine Causes Dehydration

Caffeine is what is known as a diuretic, a substance that causes your body to release more water through urine which in turn affects your body’s hydration status. When your body is dehydrated, the signs will show immediately in your face. Fine lines will be accentuated and the texture and brightness of your skin will suffer. The more hydrated the skin is, the plumper it will be, which means that light will bounce off your dewy glow. Isn’t that every bride’s dream?

Caffeine Can Cause Breakouts

Caffeine also causes your body to over-produce stress hormones, such as cortisol, which can put your oil glands into overdrive. Excess oil and sebum can cause breakouts, which is the last thing you want on your big day.

In addition to caffeine, how you enjoy your coffee may also impact your skin. Key additions to a cup of coffee or tea often include milk and sugar, two of the top four dietary acne triggers making skin more prone to breakouts.

  1. Dairy

    For latte lovers, milk could also be affecting your skin as there’s strong evidence linking dairy to acne – especially seen around the mouth and jawline area.
    Milk is known to increase insulin levels, independent of its effects on blood sugar, which may worsen acne severity (1, 2, 3)..Cow’s milk also contains amino acids that stimulate the liver to produce more IGF-1, which has been linked to the development of acne (3, 4, 5).In addition, most commercial milk comes from pregnant cows, and thus contains other hormones that are also known to trigger the production of sebum.Furthermore, milk has growth hormones that can encourage the overgrowth of skin cells, potentially blocking pores. In 2005, researchers studied data from the famous Nurses Health Study II, and found that participants who drank more milk as teens had much higher rates of severe acne than those who had little or no milk as teens.

  2. Sugar

    Chances are, unless you are drinking plain black coffee, your cup will contain sugar and that too can be affecting your skin. Excess sugar in your bloodstream can cause Glycation, a natural chemical reaction which happens when sugar levels in the bloodstream spike beyond what our insulin can handle. Glycation affects the part of our skin that keeps it ‘springy’ – collagen and elastin. When these two proteins link with sugars they become weaker and when these essential skin building blocks are impaired, the signs of ageing become more apparent; skin becomes drier and less elastic, resulting in wrinkles, sagging and a dull skin appearance (6).

Bad Coffee Can Disrupt Your Gut Flora

It’s also important to note that not all coffee beans are created equal. Poor quality coffee, especially if consumed with dairy products sourced from cows injected with antibiotics, can disrupt gut flora. Organic coffee has not been associated with gut flora disruption. Why is gut flora important? If your gut is inflamed, that will show up as inflammation in your skin. Eating the wrong types of foods, unfortunately, slows down digestion and creates a shift in the type of bacterial environment in your gut. Coffee quality is key. If you’re going to drink coffee every day, splurge on the organic beans.

If you cut out caffeine from your diet, you’ll see positive results in your skin in less than 30 days as your liver detoxes naturally and cleanses your body, and as your skin begins to rehydrate itself.

Reducing Coffee and Tea for Brighter Teeth

Okay, it’s not a complexion-related benefit exactly, but doesn’t everyone want a brighter smile for all those big-day photos? Over time, coffee and tea leave teeth looking brown and stained over time. While you might not see an immediate reversal of staining once you give up your morning coffee, you can stop the damage in its tracks. Once you are no longer drinking beverages that stain the teeth you can begin a regimen of teeth-whitening that will make your smile the best it can be for wedding photos.

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