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Tips To Produce A Salon Quality Blowout At Home

Most of us go to great lengths to score a smooth, bouncy blowout, but that doesn’t mean you need to hire a pro: Here we present ten tricks for getting a gorgeous blowout right at home. (Frizz and cowlicks don’t stand a chance.)

1. Location Matters

You know how humidity causes frizz? Well, blow-drying your hair in a damp, steamy bathroom has the same effect. Move the operation to the bedroom.

2. Don’t Towel Dry

There are two things you should never do with a towel: rub your hair (it causes frizz) or wrap it on top of your head (it flattens roots).

3. Choose Your Hair Dryer Wisely

Ionic dryers can be great to use for blowouts as they help tone down frizz, so opt for a high-quality tool like the beloved Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer. It uses intelligent heat control technology including 4 precise heat settings, to help prevent heat damage to your hair, preserving natural shine. Powered by their fastest digital motor, the Dyson Supersonic produces 3 precise airflow settings which combined with their three magnetic styling nozzles (Smoothing, Diffuser, and Styling Concentrator Nozzles) provide fast drying and precision styling. It’s a bit more expensive than the average blow dryer, but professional hair stylists absolutely love it and well worth the investment!

4. Use a Heat Protectant

Never let a blow-dryer anywhere near your hair without first misting it with a heat-protecting spray. These products contain polymers that form a film on the surface of the hair that dissipates the heat, says Columbus, OH blowout specialist Sabrina Leon. Pay particular attention to the ends, which tend to get the most abuse and are also the most delicate and therefore tend to be the most damaged (Hair Dusting is a solution to removing these damaged ends).

At PLEIJ Salon we love REF Heat Protection and Cezanne Leave-In Perfector Spray — they shield from up to 450-degree heat whether your hair is wet or dry, so you can use ithem when restyling on day two (or three, or four). Another great option is Davines Blow-dry Primer, which provides texture and protection against heat and humidity, while enhancing hair’s shine and reducing the blow-drying time.

5. Dry Your Roots First

Always dry your roots first (unless you have bangs). With your head flipped over, massage your roots while blasting them with warm air. “You want to get the roots up and off your head as fast as you can,” says hairstylist Sabrina Leon. (Learn how to blow-dry your bangs.)

6. Tame Cowlicks and Unruly Pieces

Hold cowlick and unruly hair flat with a brush (this one by R+Co minimizes stress to the scalp) and blast with hot air from your Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer for five seconds before using the blow-dryer’s cool-shot button to lock them into place.

7. Consider Your Haircut

“If your hair is all one length, a straight, sleek blowout looks great,” says Tiche Florence, PLEIJ Salon’s founder and blowout, special event and bridal updo expert. “But if you have lots of layers, do something with more bounce and movement to show them off.”

8. Tension Is Everything

Work in two-inch sections, and wrap each one tightly around a brush as you pull it (tightly again) through your hair and follow with the nozzle. This is the difference between a glossy, glassy-looking blowout and an obvious DIY job.

9. Keep Your Eye On The Nozzle

Be sure it is always pointing down the hair shaft, and that it’s at least two-three inches away from your hair at all times. That way you’ll smooth the cuticle and add shine without completely cooking your hair. If you’re using the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer this issue is almost entirely abated).

10. Move Quickly If You Have Coarse Hair

Otherwise your hair will frizz. If it does, spritz each section with water moments before drying.

If all this sounds like far to much work, a Blowout at PLEIJ Salon’s Blowout Bar in Columbus, OH is a relaxing alternative and a way to give your hair the extra care it deserves, and a professionally styled look that will last a few days and leave you looking and feeling your best!

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